113 Waking Hours- Being conscious of our CHOICES

113 Waking hours

168 hours in a week

7 hours of sleep a night or 49 hours a week, if we’re lucky…

6 hours a week exercising, that’s believing that you’re  training for 90mins a day, 4 times a week-

I’m being optimistic, hopeful, delusional…

So what we end up with is, 113 waking hours where we can fuck shit up…

We do not always have full control of our time being that life and family, family and life and work get in the way. And sadly, the first sacrifice we make is giving up our workout. And most of the time it is unavoidable.

But what you can control, what you can avoid- is eating like shit.

When life gets in the way, when responsibility and obligation take away your “YOU time”,

There are 113 waking hours each week of your life when you have a choice, when have you control of what you eat and don’t eat, what you decide to drink or not drink.

When life gets in the way and you can’t make it to the gym-

MAKE healthier eating choices.

Balancing time, how and what you eat and training is a juggling act, changing from day to day.

Making a trip through the drive thru knowing you’re not going to make it to the gym is

Irresponsible, weak and physically abusive.

And yes, that may be harsh but so is not being able to fit into your pants, taking Lipitor, being out of breath playing with your son…

Making healthier choices is last on Americas “To Do List”, it should be the first.

Our natural reaction when touching fire is to pull our hand away as fast as we can.

Without hesitation, we should at the very least, be conscious of healthier choices, of what is bad for us.

Eating something fatty, fried, greased up and gravy’d , “because I can work out tomorrow”, is leaving your hand in fire…

 At the end of the day, at the end of our days’, postponing, comprising, neglecting your health means,

Figure it out, genius- LESS DAYS…

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