The “C” word. Relax, Carbs…


Carbs, to keep it stupid simple, as the general public would recognize are; starches, starchy veggies, fruit, sweets and sugar.

Carbs breakdown to sugar (glucose/glycogen).

And yes, there is a little more to it but this is FIT Bitch not an AMA journal…!

There’s a limit to the amount of sugar your body can utilize/process on a daily basis.

Unutilized sugar, are unused calories.

Calories IN – calories OUT= a deficiency/surplus for the day

Surplus= fat/new fat

Deficiency= skinny/skinnier

Ultimately, we hope for a deficiency by Friday-

Deficient belly and booty…

And that brings us back to, SACRIFICE.

One less piece of bread- closer, skipping that Fonut- closer, no to a margarita- closer and closer to where you’ve always wanted to be…!

 The “Carb Gas Tank”, Understanding Deficiency and Sacrifice

Remember, carbs breakdown to sugar.

Sugar is the body’s primary source of energy.

We all need to maintain a certain level of energy to make it through the day.

To exercise, to perform at work, to carry an intelligent conversation, to make sound and rational decisions. And of course, to pick up and hook up…!

Or in simpler terms, to THINK and DO…

Now, we all have what I like to call a “Carb Gas Tank” which stores our fuel/energy for the day. With every carb we eat- starches, starchy veggies, fruit, sweets and sugar, it fills up. The moment our tank becomes full, all other carbs/sugar we eat thereafter is UNUSED.

And we know now, that unused sugar equals unused calories equals, FAT.

Everyone’s tank differs in size and our tanks change in size from day to day.

Why? Because each day is different- our activities, our energy level, our state of being.

The whole point of the “tank” theory is, never fill it up.

 ¾ full, a ½ tank if you can manage and you will find a deficient belly and/or booty by the end of the week.

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