Bacon’s good…


We DO NOT need, as in physiologically and naturally, to eat as much as we eat.
We SHOULD NOT eat 75% of the sh*t that goes in our mouths.
Feeding your psychological deficiencies is making for a physiological fatty surplus.
Nature is simple and perfect.
And so is our food until we fuck it up.
Fat free, sugar free, lo-carb, it’s all a very ruthless ploy to make you think you’re not getting fat, that you’re getting skinny, losing weight, burning body fat.
You’re not…
It’s ridiculous and a joke!
Food reasonably seasoned, no artificial flavors/colors, organic if your wallet allows it and prepared any way but battered and deep fried can be healthy.
Is part of dropping the extra LB’s.
Protein, anything green and no carbs after lunch (I will discuss the whole carb confusion later in detail) is pure and simple, as easy as it gets…
Supersizing, buffets, the Claim Jumper or eating until you’re physically uncomfortable is unnatural and can be fatal, is killing America…

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