Big hands, big…How much is too much?


If it fits in your hand, eat it.
And yes, that is a loaded statement- PERV…!!!!
It works appropriately for men and women.
Everything you eat should fit in the palm of your hand.
Just the palm, fingers not included. Well, most of the time…

Let’s clarify:
Protein- Whole hand for men, just the palm for women. Men like to be “muscley”, they need more…
Carbs- I’d stick with just the palm, guys and girls. It’s a new lean world out there.
Veg- A handful works for both women and men. Why more veg than protein for you girls? You require more fiber
Fat- Excluding the fat naturally found in proteins, half a palm of nuts, tablespoon of whatever type of organic nut butter (peanut, almond, cashew…), ¼ to ½ an Avo per serving- you decide b.i.t.c.h.e.s.
Fruit- I usually use fruit as a snack or to satisfy my sweet craving.I will passively suggest a HALF a piece per serving. Sugar is sugar, so the body says…

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