The average adult workouts 3 days a week, hopefully…

Yes, there are those of you out there that train 4, 5, 6, even 7 days a week.

You have way too much time on your hands, you’re narcissistic and don’t have a real job- good on you…

The average calorie burn for your “old school”, traditional, “the way everyone else workouts” workout-

350 calories tops.

And that’s being generous.

On average, 1 rep of exercise burns 1 calorie.

And yes, Crossfit is a whole ‘nother story.

And because you want to know, I respect what Crossfit has created but I’ll pass.

More than one way to skin a cat, shed body fat that is safer, more effective and possible for 100% of the national population.

The point of all this excess and gluttony-

It Takes A Lot To Burn The Fat, To Change Your Body.

There are no tricks, no magic pills…

It takes time, at least 21 days, getting through weekends.

Work, sweat and more work and sweat done hard, smart and effectively.

Those side bend things with a dumbbell that you think is working your love handles- NOT and FAIL.

You don’t get abs by doing abs.

The kind of abs you see on the cover of magazines-

Try a week of diuretics, get a spray tan and a good photographer.

You can only get abs, visible abs, by getting rid of the layer of FAT that your abs are hiding beneath.

You want abs- burn body fat.

And FYI- the first place that we gain weight, the last place we lose weight is our GUT.

Walking on a FLAT treadmill for cardio because you’re

Worried about burning muscle, staying in your fat burning zone IS ridiculous and a joke.

Gatorade and a power bar as you’re walking into the gym- FAIL.

Need to hydrate- drink calorie free water…

Low blood sugar- have a bite of an apple…

Protein to build muscles- handful of nuts…

I need energy- listen up Einstein…

We all walk around with enough stored body fat, that even if you starved yourself for 24 hours,

You still could run a 26 mile marathon…

It might take you awhile, but you could do it.

Remember, for 98% of the western narcissistic world that we live in, it’s all about the burn.

Glycogen, remenants of carbs a.k.a.- sugar, when gone unused and ending up as stored body fat, is the source of energy your body uses to get you through your day, your workout.

But it is not an easy feat.

You have to force your body to utilize your stored fat.

Giving your body a choice, as in;

Gatorade, a triple red velvet machi-latte, a powerbar

Means giving your body the most ready-available source of energy.

Hence, no body fat will be burning…

Best case scenario- the “breakeven workout”.

If you’re lucky, you’ll burn the calories from whatever you just ate or drank during your workout.

Meaning, you didn’t even come close to losing weight, burning your stored body fat.

The “mental workout” the one that makes you feel good about yourself and

The sub-standard, kindergarten recess workout you just did-

Is ridiculous and a joke. You did not burn shit!!!

And that “preemptive workout” for those days and/or nights you know you’re going to fall off the wagon, do not even come close to burning the number of gluttonous calories you eventually, without abandon, eat and drink.

Aside from building healthy muscles and bones, being excellent for you head and your heart-

We exercise to burn body fat…

If you’re going to workout, MAKE IT WORTH SOMETHING.

And yes in most cases, something is better than nothing.

Healthy heart, bones and muscles blah, blah, blah…

Again, you workout to BURN fat.

Burning belly and booty fat is the national obsession.

Slimmer, leaner, tighter, harder…

And I cannot say it enough- what you have been doing, is not working!

What 90% of the population that exercises has been doing is NOT WORKING.

Old school is old news, crossfit will kill ya…

Intensity + work= calories used/stored body fat burned

On average 1 rep of exercise burns 1 calorie

Number of reps old school 90mins workout= 216

Number of reps for 20mins FIT Bitch Concept= 330

Number of reps for 60mins FIT Bitch Concept= 900

216 vs 330 calories burned…!

216 vs 900 calories burned…!

In 1/3 less the amount of time?!

WTF have we been doing for the last 50 years?!?!?!

Call it whatever you want to call it but it’s

Smart, effective, possible for EVERYONE and 330 calories burned is 330 calories burned.

FIT B.i.t.c.h.e.s. train for 60mins and burn 900 calories…

“Old School Bitches” if they’re lucky train 5 days a week, 90mins a day and end up burning a depressing 1160 calories for the entire week!!!!

We never knew any better til now…

Be a FIT B.i.t.c.h. only 3 days a week and you’re burning 2700 calories, holy shit!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday football with the boys – 3500 calories

Fancy steakhouse with the girl- 2000 calories

½ roasted chicken with skin- 500 calories

Football, the steakhouse or even the ½ chicken + the old school 216 reps/calories burned=

FAIL, fat, overweight-ness…

Be smarter, work harder, SACRIFICE  to get to where you’ve always wanted to be…

Eat clean 2 out of the 3 meals a day.

Work up to eating clean 3, 4 days out of a week.

Bottom line- if you’re going to do it, commit any amount of time to fitness and nutrition,

Make it worth something!

Train and eat the right way, the FIT Bitch, the AR7 way.

At your highest level with maximum results…

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