Metabo- WHAT!?


The more frequent you eat, the higher your metabolism- the amount of calories you burn at rest.

Apparently, the powers that be are saying there is no hard data to support the idea of eating more frequently on a daily basis affects your metabolism. But every other year it’s- eat the yolk, don’t eat the yolk- blah, blah, blah…

I’ve done both; I’ve eaten every 2 hours around the clock and I’ve eaten just one meal a day.

Waking up at 2 am and eating a chicken breast got me down to 2% body fat- true story.

Yes, my 2 examples are extreme but it is personal quantitative proof that if you eat more, you lose more.

Carbs and the “tank”, Metabolism and the “fire”…

Every time you eat, your metabolism increases to breakdown and convert food to energy.

I promised myself I wasn’t going to get all scientific on your asses but stay with me…

You eat breakfast- your “fire” burns, lunch- on fire, dinner- still burning.

You eat only breakfast- your fire burns, no lunch- your coals are cooling, no dinner- the fire is gone…

The more wood you put in a fire the hotter it burns.

No wood and what you have are just ambers and coals that couldn’t melt a slice of real cheese…

And yes, the type of wood you put in a fire determines how hot and efficiently it burns.

The same goes with food-

Eat sh*t, your metabolism moves like sh*t.

Clean food like a good piece of oak, will have your metabolism burning long, bright and hot.

Remember, you need to eat to lose weight.

Feed your FIRE,

At the very least, 3 squares a day please…

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