You are what you eat, so stop eating…

DIET (that dreaded word…!)

Remember, I’m addicted to food.

ALL food- healthy, greasy, gourmet.

Whatever it is, I love it, I cook it and I make it ALL taste good…!

You’ve been putting things in your mouth, swallowing, eating things that might not have been good for you. For the most part, it all tasted good at the time and you had a good time eating it.

NOW, you’re hungry for something else.

Gettin’ to where you’ve always wanted to be, is the hardest thing to do…

In this case, we’re talking the body. Your body and how you see yourself in the mirror.

And I’m not even going to go there, because we all have our issues.

What I am about to suggest involves preparing and eating healthy food.

Food that’s good for you, that makes you feel good, that inevitably will allow to drop a few LB’s.

But again, to this point whatever you have been putting into your mouth (PERV…)

Hasn’t been doing the trick.

What I am trying to say, delicately suggest is- SACRIFICE.

More than one meal, more than a couple of hours a day, more than even a couple of days a week. You’ve tried all those things and they did not work.

Let me break it down:

Drink 2-3 liters of water a day, as many days a week as you can.

Eat clean as much as you can throughout the day, as many days a week as you can.

Lay off the booze. Instead of 3 drinks at the end of the day, maybe just one.

Or here’s an idea, how about none.

As many days a week as you can…

All novel ideas, but 100% ineffective if not done for the duration of “YOUR OWN PERSONAL JOURNEY”

“Personal journey” is defined as the amount of time you dedicate to “getting to where you’ve always want to be…”

Gettin’ to that place physically, where you feel amazing and look great.

Drink water, eat clean, no booze as many days as you can a week.

Having a “clean” week, as is five days is BIG!

Is closer to where you’ve always wanted to be…

Getting through a full calendar week, as is seven days,

As in through the weekend, is MASSIVE!!!

Come Monday, you’ll see a body you haven’t seen in ages.

Really? I’ll be the first to say that I can’t remember a weekend that I didn’t have a drink, didn’t indulge in something fatty, greasy or sweet.

Get past three consecutive weekends and you’ll get to where you’ve always wanted to be, or at least pretty damn close…!

No doubt, 100%!!!!

IT will not happen with “clean” days, even a week or two scattered throughout a year.

Commit and sacrifice- 3, 4 consecutive weekends and IT WILL HAPPEN.

You will happen to your body…

We will never be 100% satisfied with anything, especially our bodies.

But, we all appreciate some parts of our bodies.

Commit and SACRIFICE and the “some” becomes many, The parts become a whole.

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